BRUNNHUBER builds new crane in individualized high-quality design

In a Southern German steel producer’s newly built refractories hall a crane was needed for the hall area where maintenance and repair of fusion pans are made. As this area is of crucial importance for smooth production and as the crane has to meet special requirements the customer decided to purchase a brand new crane and ordered it at BRUNNHUBER CRANES. After the successful factory acceptance test, the colleagues from Cranetech SÜDWEST in Mannheim, responsible for this region since 2011 as TeichmannGroup service partner, were charged with assembly and commissioning on site. Thanks to the long-lasting and reliable service partnership this cooperation again could be carried out to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Technical features of the new BRUNNHUBER Crane

The double girder travelling crane that BRUNNHUBER manufactured has a lifting capacity of 50 t and a span of 25 m and it was built in high-quality individual design according to customer specifications in the production facility in Augsburg. After its completion it will be used as maintenance crane for raw steel transport converters and for this purpose it has been prepared for rough crane operation in very dusty environment and in ambient temperatures of up to +55 °C. In addition to that synchronous operation of both hoisting units (50 t and 50 t) is possible.
To protect the crane from heat and to allow an improved ease of maintenance the crane was equipped with a frame mounted trailing cable system for the trolley and with a clamped trolley rail. The electrical equipment and the special components were installed in electrical cabinets with protection class IP66.

Well-coordinated team: BRUNNHUBER CRANES and Cranetech SÜDWEST

After factory acceptance test the individual assemblies were delivered from the manufacturing factory in Augsburg to the customer location, in the region of Baden, where Cranetech SÜDWEST took over the further commissioning. The mechanical assembly could be accomplished successfully within 2 working days and the electrical commissioning was also carried out within a very short time at a scheduled completion date. For further operation of the installation and in case of disturbances Cranetech SÜDWEST will be available 365 days a year as direct regional KRANFIT-service partner.

The cooperation with both companies of the TeichmannGroup was uncomplicated for the customer thanks to the short and direct communication channels. As BRUNNHUBER CRANES and Cranetech SÜDWEST are reliable partners for many years all discussions could be carried out in a quick and smooth way.