The Kranfit maintenance box. Let your smart crane speak for itself.

The Kranfit maintenance box is an electronic online maintenance system for retrofitting, which enables a usage-dependent maintenance and repair of your crane systems.

Your benefits:

  • Reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary maintenance cycles and sudden downtimes due to purely reactive maintenance
  • Usage-dependent maintenance instead of periodic maintenance of your crane systems - without unnecessary maintenance cycles – only when your crane needs it
  • Monitoring and checking the service life of the individual components
  • Documentation, control and reporting function
  • Real-time reports from the crane directly by SMS or e-mail to the user

An increased or reduced use of a crane can lead with periodic maintenance to either an undersupply which represents a potential risk of downtimes or an oversupply, which carries potential savings. It is a fact that the maintenance costs increase with increased utilization of the crane. The higher need for maintenance can in this case not be met through a periodic maintenance; with the usage-dependent maintenance of the KRANFIT maintenance box it however can be met.