BRUNNHUBER realizes complex disassembly of the Vulkan Crane located in Bremens

Lürssen Shipyard in Bremen as manufacturer of super yachts and special ships and known for being able to fulfil any customer requirement and Brunnhuber Cranes as manufacturer of special and heavy duty cranes got to know each other on the occasion of delivery of a 200 t BRUNNHUBER Crane in 2011. After having carried out this project with satisfactory results on both sides a basis of trust has developed which has once again proven to be useful in further cooperation.

A symbol of German shipbuilding tradition, the „Hammerkran“ of the former Vulkan Werft in Bremen had to make place for a new constructed building.

The existing crane, which has been erected in 1960 made place for a new, more modern and powerful crane and it will now be stocked at a distance of 200 meters until a decision will be taken regarding its future use. A possible scenario could be the erection of the old and historical crane at another location for being an industrial monument showing German engineering expertise.

But how can you manage to disassemble a crane with operating weight of approximately 1100 t and a construction height of more than 60 m ?

his question was the central issue of the first meeting because all further plans in connection with costs, expenses and time schedules depended on this decision. The only solution that was in line with all these criteria was the use of Europe’s biggest floating crane, “Matador 3” from Rotterdam, with a capacity of 1800 t. Several weeks of common preparation work followed. Due to lack of drawings and technical documents of the manufacturer the statics of the crane with weight of 1100 t had to be completely re-calculated in order to develop a concept that was sustainable in the truest sense of the word. The accomplishment of extensive welding works was necessary for preparing the crane for dismantling in 2 assembly units and thus for making sure that all activities would run safely and smoothly on the decisive day of floating crane operation.

On November 22nd 2012 at about 15 o‘clock the floating crane giant berthed alongside quay and prepared for the large-scale operation of next morning. In cooperation between representatives of Lürssen Shipyard, BRUNNHUBER Cranes and the floating crane operator all details were checked once again. The technical data and requirements were matched and the weather forecasts were followed up attentively. So far everything was in the green range; start of disassembly on 23. November 2012 could be confirmed by all involved parties. On 23. November 2012 at 07.00 o’clock the decisive phase began.
The strings and the 300t shackles of the floating crane were connected with the attachment holes that had been installed before on the upper part of the crane and they were adjusted. Exactly 1 hour after start of working the command could be given: “Use of cutting torches now permitted!”
In only some minute’s time one assembly unit with a weight of 725 t was separated from the portal construction and it was ready for being lifted and put to the ground. At a wind force of 4-5 this was a risky operation. After the first meter of lifting movement everything it was obvious that everything had been set up correctly.

Exactly over the centre of gravity, stable in its position and looking fantastic due to amazing dimensions the load floated upward – and then in direction of the prepared storage position. Everyone involved seemed to relax now and to breathe a sigh of relief.

The dismantling and the transport of the second assembly unit with a weight of 315 t and a construction height of 45 m was just the icing on the cake and it happened with a lead of 3 hours compared to the scheduled sequence of actions.

All in all, the event that has taken place in Bremen in November was much more than „just“ crane dismantling. Here the past and the future met in a very impressive way. Thanks to the professional collaboration and the deep know how of all involved parties everything was carried out safe and smoothly.

Who-is-Who in respect of cranes and shipbuilding

If you summarize the list of involved protagonists this produces an impressive picture: The Vulkan crane itself is almost a legend and it has always been a visible landmark for the region. In addition to that it is a testimony of the ups and downs of German shipbuilding history. The “Matador 3” is the most powerful floating crane of Europe. It is operated by the internationally renowned service provider Bonn & Mees which is the eldest active operator of floating cranes in Rotterdam, NL. The very successful Lürssen Shipyard stands out with its state-of-the art portfolio in connection with shipbuilding. And BRUNNHUBER Krane with specialists working in Augsburg and Berlin has always been a guarantee for new cranes of highest quality and for top quality service

Since 2009 BRUNNHUBER belongs to the TEICHMANN Group. Ralf Teichmann GmbH is Europe’s leading supplier of custom-made used cranes, reconstructed by using brand new components.