Double level jib luffing crane in operation after successful cooperation within the TeichmannGroup

In cooperation with TEICHMANN CRANES a suitable crane, a double level jib luffing crane in the version of a four-rope grab for a combined grab, general cargo and container handling as well as for heavy load operation was quickly found. Within just a few months the crane including spreaders for ISO containers and separate tong arms was delivered, remounted and put into operation. Due to the significantly shorter delivery times of refurbished used cranes compared to brand new cranes, the customer chose a used crane which the crane specialists from TEICHMANN CRANES disassembled in Bamberg in October last year within just a few days while using several special mobile cranes. Directly after the dismantling, several components were shipped several hundred kilometers across the Federal Republic to the destination in Königs Wusterhausen by the cargo ship M / S OTRATE.

While our employees re-painted the first crane components at the customer’s site in Königs Wusterhausen, the remaining components were modernized and workshop overhauled at other sites of the TeichmannGroup. The spreader was cleaned at BRUNNHUBER CRANES in Berlin, completely reprocessed and received new hydraulics and electrics after its complete restoration. After the general overhaul and modernisation of the engine house and cabin, the electrical engineering was also renovated at the sister company TEICHMANN CRANES in Essen. In addition, the pendulum support was produced in Essen. The water support which was extended in Bamberg was also completely renovated in Essen and adapted to the conditions of the new operation site. After completion of the work, the components were also partially lacquered before being transported to Königs Wusterhausen.

After priming, painting and delivering the  remaining components, the crane service specialists from Cranetech in Duisburg assembled the crane in November, so the crane was handed over to its new owner before Christmas and was put into operation in January. As a result, the port now has a trimodal transfer system which, in addition to containers, semi-trailers and bulk goods (grippers), can also be used to transport heavy loads up to 45 tonnes.

Particularly, the spreader supplied by the TeichmannGroup is to be mentioned. In order to spare the customer long delivery times of a brand-new spreader, the TeichmannGroup supplied a used spreader with a pair of piggyback pliers, which was completely overhauled and modernised at BRUNNHUBER CRANES in Berlin. The modernisation included for example the renewal of the electrics, the hydraulics and the processing of the cylinders. Equipped with a pair of piggyback tongs, the spreader is now not only able to carry 45 feet containers but also lorry bodies, which makes it a real all-rounder!

With this crane, the port now has a trimodal transfer system which, in addition to containers, semi-trailers and bulk material (grabs), can also handle heavy loads up to 45 tons. The new crane not only secures reliable container handling, but also allows heavy goods to be loaded directly on site without the use of external services – and thus operates more cost-effectively.