New BRUNNHUBER cranes for hot dip galvanizing!

In the process of hot dip galvanizing, a metallic zinc coating is applied to steel or iron by immersion into molten zinc. This occurs at approx. 450 ° C and protects steel or iron from corrosion. For this galvanizing process, two cranes were installed, each equipped with two trolleys. Each trolley can be moved individually as well as in tandem operation.

The crane systems, which were newly built at the BRUNNHUBER CRANES GERMANY site in Berlin, were equipped with a reversing control system. This control system enables the cranes to bypass the galvanizing room. When the crane is moving at a slower or gradual pace, the crane bridge is positioned automatically at the entrance to the galvanizing room with a simultaneous locking of the crane drive for safety reasons. An onward journey of the crane bridge is thus only possible after the trolleys leave the galvanizing room or the restricted area.

Due to the aggressive and corrosive environmental conditions in the galvanizing hall, both crane systems as well as all components and electrical connections have been specially equipped. For example, the crane systems received a special coating as well as control cabinets and C-rails for the cable drag system made of stainless steel.

Furthermore, upon customer request a suitable safety loop with sealing lip and compressed air was supplied in order to prevent the penetration of any occurring fumes from the technologically upstreamed acid baths into the conductor line.

Great work with the delivery of a crane, which is perfectly adapted to the demanding environment.