Double-girder gantry crane 30t x 25m for the construction of a new launching platform for Ariane 6 space rocket

The double-girder gantry crane in solid wall design is used at its destination for the transport of steel components. After its production in Essen, it was specially adapted for the transport in 40 feet sea freight containers, and equipped with screw connections.

These screw connections, which allow transport in sea containers, also simplify the assembly of the crane on site, since in rough terrain, the welding of the crane components can not always be guaranteed. Thus, TEICHMANN CRANES was able to offer the customer a time-saving assembly option that was adapted to the specific on-site conditions. In addition, the crane was commissioned on-site by a TEICHMANN chief erector.

The new launching pad will be ready by 2020, from which the Ariane 6 will then launch with up to 10 t load into space.